The business of wanting children.

My first blog post. Exciting! So what got me to this point? I decided that one day I would want to look back at my life and ask, “What was I thinking?!” A 35 year old mother, business owner, self proclaimed fashion diva who works from home in her PJ’s and a wife who hates to cook, fold laundry and is obsessed with having more children.

Michael & Me, Mother's Day Brunch
Michael & Me, Mother's Day Brunch

The business of wanting children. That’s where this blogs’ journey begins.

It’s Mother’s Day, May 12th, 2010 and I have exactly seven & half more days to find out if my seemingly calm existence will soon be turn upside down and inside out. After 4 years of countless ovulation inducing pills, perfectly scheduled “practice” sessions and the always intrusive “So when are you going to have another baby?”question, my husband and I decided to quietly start the In vitro fertilization process.

2 out of 9  embryos
2 out of 9 embryos

So on Mother’s Day 2010, with my loving husband by my side and my confused 5 year old son holding my hand, a doctor inserted what he described as 2 perfect 5 day old embryo specimens into my hopeful uterus. 70% chance of pregnancy and an mind bending percentage that we might have twins (but we’ll leave topic that for another day). And so I wait…

So why another child? I already have a perfectly healthy and thriving 5 year old boy. The graphic design company I started when Michael, my son, was only 4 months old that keeps me busy. The artists representation company I started last year is finally picking up speed. My husband and I can travel, eat out, watch movies, go to the gym… Life is great! But just not complete.

So join me on this journey of the unexpected trails and tribulations that life brings to my table. Whether it be parenting, business, friendships or love, I’m ready to just Blah.. Blah Blog about it and I hope you will share your thoughts and personal experiences as well.

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6 thoughts on “The business of wanting children.

    1. I don’t know about being super woman, but working on your blog was my inspiration. I’ll be posting lots of tips and tricks on easy design & marketing tools so stay tuned.

  1. Hello Friend… What awesome news. I’m glad you were so open about what’s going on. It makes me feel closer even though I’m 2,000 miles away. I’m sending you love and fertile thoughts 🙂 I’ll keep checking back in because I need some inspiration to be a working mom. Hugs!

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