Look out Goodwill, Here I come!

GoodwillWith my son home from school sick, I decided to take a break from my normal Monday routine in order to work on the much needed & much dreaded… Closet Organization! I also needed something to take my mind off of the impeding and lingering question of, “am I, or am I not pregnant?”…

With summer nearing and temperatures reaching 100 degrees, I had decided to take myself shopping last Friday. Just a couple shorts and some tops. But the ever mounting laundry pile grinning back at me and a closet cluster-f#@*! dawning it’s middle finger every time I walked by, I found it difficult to find any pleasure in ripping off the tags and hanging my new threads. Sadly, $300 in new summer clothes lay silent in a plastic Kohl’s bag throughout the weekend. Until today!

With determination by my side and entertainment provided by Dora, Diego, Manny and Mickey, I set out on my quest. First, I piled all my clothes on the bed. Then, I would decide stay or go using 3 simple questions:

1. When was the last time I wore this?
Ladies, be honest with yourself. If you haven’t fit in those jeans for over a year, they’re probably out dated. Get yourself a new pair. I work out as often as I can and I eat healthy, for the most part. For the past 5 years I’ve continuously fluctuated between a size 6 and size 8, and I’m ok with that. Today I came to a realization. Why am I going to hold on to something that’s just going to remind me of my better “booty” days and make me feel un-necessarily bad about my weight. So I pitched the size 4’s, cause it’s just not going to happen. Not for me at least.

2. Is an iron going to help tame this beast?
Sometimes there is just no fixing it. If your button down shirt looks like it just spent the day in trash compactor, but it’s not from Abercrombie; bag it! Especially if you haven’t worn it because of it’s tattered appearance and you have no intention of whipping out the ironing board.

3. Is this still even in style anymore?
Let’s break it down. Staple items such as black, white, and/or linen dress pants, a pencil skirt, a black tank top, etc. will never go out of style and can be mixed with more trendy items. Unfortunately for most of us, trendy styles don’t last very long and we get stuck with ancient relics in our closets. So remember those high waisted jeans you thought were so cool last season until you saw Jessica Simpson in them, bag um’!

Four hours and a couple thousand sneezes later (dust), mission accomplished! A nice, neat, clean, wardrobe closet I am proud to call my own and best of all “No More Wire Hangers, Ever!”


2 thoughts on “Look out Goodwill, Here I come!

  1. I’ve been trying to clean out my closet for quite some time now and I’m slowly but surely making progress yeah slowly being the key word!! Now that I’ve read about your closet cleaning party I feel I must get back into my closet and get some work done. Instead of Goodwill I plan to eventually have a super duper garage sale at some point in time lol. Hope your feeling fabulous!!xoxo

    1. That’s great Meghan! I couldn’t believe it, but I got rid of 3 trash bags full! I felt so much better after. Having a garage sale is a great idea! For some of your more fabulous digs, I would consider E-Bay (shoes and hand bags). It’s fun to see people bid over your stuff. You could also get good money a high end Consignment Shop like Consigned Coutureup in West Palm.
      But don’t do anything yet. Remember, your sisters get first dibs!!!!

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