Baby Products: From Disposable to Biodegradable Designs.

For those of you who might not yet already know, I am 4 months into my pregnancy and very excited about bringing home a new baby! Now that the stressful part is over, I can finally concentrate on the fun aspects of motherhood. It’s been over 6 years since I’ve had to take care of an infant, and from what I can already tell, things have changed drastically, not only for myself, but in the world around us.

baby food pusher
guess what this might be?

Maybe it’s a pinch of maturity or a bite out of reality that has brought me to the conclusion that with this pregnancy I would be a little more conservative with the amount of items I purchase and quality of each product. With my first child, I couldn’t wait for all the baby shower gifts to start rolling in… from rompers to silver rattles, blankets, books, baby carriers and more! I even received gifts that looked like they may have been used in the 1800’s. Take a guess at what this item is, because I had no clue what it was when I unwrapped it!

Not to seem ungrateful, as most things I registered myself, I knew each gift was purchased and given from the heart. I used almost everything and have even kept many things as memorabilia or for use the second time around.

Cloth Diaper

6 Years Later

As I surf the internet and browse magazines, I have noticed the world around us has changed gears; we’ve gone from disposable to biodegradable. Pre-made, glass bottled baby food jars have been replaced by online recipes on how to make and freeze your own organic baby food. Washable baby diapers now come in a plethora of colors and patters. With names such as Kushies® and FuzziBunz®, what mother can’t resist the temptation to go green! Website’s like Kelly’s Closet make it easy for newbies like me to read about and make informed decisions about which diapers and liners to choose from.

I’m sure as the months go by I will read, learn and understand more about the products that have been made available to me. I am interested in finding more information on the plastic used in baby bottles and the ingredients in formulas. For now though, my mind is set on less is more.

One well designed washable diaper is better than 5 plastic disposable ones.